Jarnel Contracting Ltd. was incorporated in June of 2006. Before this we were operated as Jarnel Contracting/Falberg Enterprises Ltd. from July 1981 for a total of 36 years. Falberg Enterprises still exists as our Equipment Rental company providing equipment for Jarnel Contracting Ltd. Doug Lafreniere is the sole shareholder of both companies and owns a Property Rental Company (1489752 Ontario Inc) and a Development company (D. Lafreniere Developments Ltd.)

Doug has worked in the construction business for 38 years. He started in Commercial Construction in 1983. His knowledge of construction and the area started as a carpenter and has grown with each project he is involved in.

Jarnel Contracting Ltd. is based in Kenora Ontario. We currently have 35 employees working in various aspects, Carpenters, Apprentices, Labourers, Welders, Operators, Purchasing, Estimating, Supervisors, Project Managers and Accounting.

Jarnel Contracting Ltd. offers General Contracting services, equipment rental and property development.

Our expertise is in commercial and residential builds but we will look at any project that is within the parameters of our experience. We undertake a variety of projects for a wide range of cliental-from private developments to large Government projects. Our unique and flexible project management team ensures that a positive outcome is achieved regardless of size or nature of the project.

Over the 38 years, we have built a strong customer base and have a long history of pleased customers. We have included in this submission a list of projects we have been involved in. This list demonstrates the ability of Jarnel Contracting Ltd. and its staff to produce quality workmanship not only within the City of Kenora but also in the outlying areas.

Jarnel Contracting Ltd. has a great working relationship with our Bonding Broker; Marsh Canada and Intact the agent for our Commercial work. We are also registered with Tarion Warranty for our residential work.


Jarnel Contracting Ltd.
1458 Huron St,
Keewatin, On
Phone: (807) 547-3116
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Jarnel Contracting Ltd.
PO Box 2470
Kenora, ON P9N 3X8
Phone: (807) 547-3116
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